1 Litre Heavy Duty Pump Up Sprayer Viton Seals (Blue)

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A 1 litre heavy duty sprayer with Viton seals designed for a wide range of applications.

It features an adjustable nozzle from jet to fine mist, internal dip tube filter and protection cap to extend the life of the sprayer, along with a wheel operated pressure release valve.

The sprayers are colour coded based on the liquids to be dispensed.

Blue sprayers are fitted with Viton seals for acid and chemical products, grey with EPDM seals for alkaline or acetone liquids, and yellow with a nylon pump and Viton seals for benzene and fuels, tar removal, mechanical workshops lubricants.

A foamer version is available upon request.

To prolong the life of the sprayer thoroughly clean out after use.

Also available in a 1.5 litre model.

H 305 x L 230 x W 100