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In development for the last six years, Jangro's latest venture is a an award winning modular training programme; the Jangro LMS. Its aim is 'to put information and training at your fingertips'. The programme is available on every mobile device, apart from its eLearning modules, where content is too large for the smallest screens.

In a nutshell, the 'Learning Management System' (LMS) is a new distance-learning programme that enables employees to be trained in correct cleaning products and procedures.

Current training modules available include: Introduction to Cleaning, Introduction to Equipment, Kitchen Hygiene, PH scale and cleaning agents, Colour Coding, Bio-Hazards, Infection Control and Carpet Care.


Innovation Award

At its launch at the Cleaning Show 2013 the Jangro LMS and mobile app was entered into the Cleaning Show’s Innovation Awards, and the great news is that not only did it triumph in its own category, it also won the overall winner's trophy.


Online training at any time

The LMS system works remotely so it can be carried out at times to suit the user. Programmes' operating times vary from 50 minutes, to 90 minutes for the very detailed floor care module. Users can dip in and out of short sessions to suit them for as little as 15 minutes a day, so learning is easy. All LMS modules come with a range of online COSHH and technical data sheets, risk assessment and product usage guides, animated instructions on everyday tasks and an 'Ask the expert' interactive source of information. Employers and training managers can remotely monitor employees' progress and check on the progress of each employee.

So what's the thinking behind the project? What about all the training providers and in-depth courses that already exist? 'This won't replace training,' explains Ross Osborne, Jangro Group development committee member, 'but the problem is that training takes cleaners away from their day jobs in order to train; this is a way round it. We understand that in cleaning there's a high turnover of staff and they can't always be spared off-site for a day of training.'

Jangro says it has talked to some significant-sized contractors and they are all very keen on the programme as it solves many of the industry's compliance and training issues. 'Everyone who's seen it has said, "When can we have it?"' says Jeremy Thorn, Jangro sales director. But back to the issue of other training providers; 'We don't want to replace anything in the market,' continues Thorn, 'we want to compliment it.' To guarantee its credentials, the Jangro training programme has gone through industry experts, with Tommy Taylor as a consultant editor on all training and technical issues. 'We're very aware that the opposition may knock the project, so we want our information and training modules to be completely accurate,' adds Gary Fage, Jangro board director. Fage also stresses the fact that the Jangro app is not a replacement for accredited courses from respected providers. 'BICSc, for example, offers very special, intensive courses. We are trying to help compliance where companies can't afford that level of cost or training.'


Correct product usage

The idea is also to benefit users of Jangro products. ‘Today distribution organisations have big customer responsibilities and if they want to grow their market share they have to add value to the products they sell, and training is the most effective way of meeting customer needs,' says Thorn. 'End users must understand cleaning issues and be aware of the right and wrong way of carrying out each task.'

The LMS is affordable for every organisation employing cleaning staff and will ultimately save money in getting the job done the right way, the first time, using the right products. 'For employees who have little English, the QR codes really help,' adds Fage. 'And the COSHH sheets do not replace the need for hard copies but they will be the most up-to-date and immediately accessible.' The LMS is accessible on any laptop, palmtop, tablet, BlackBerry, android phone or ipad.

All sources of information, excluding the LMS training modules, can also be accessed by scanning the relevant QR code within the Jangro catalogue or on product packaging.

Andrew Large, chief executive of the Cleaning and Support Services Association (CSSA), representing hundreds of contractors that employ hundreds of thousands of operatives comments: 'It is every employees' right to be given adequate training for the job but all too often only a small number of staff get selected because of the high cost or time away from the job to train. This programme beats both these problems as it is low cost, practical and doesn't mean time off from the job. There's no excuse now for bad practice from untrained staff."A short sample of the LMS programme can be seen in the video above or for more information see the video below.

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